Elevating Your Brand Position with Personality

A Little About Us

For your company to stand above the rest, you need a combination of in-depth industry knowledge and top-notch creative skill. We’re talking on-brand messaging, data-driven consumer targeting, and cutting-edge technology. “Okay, that sounds a little complicated,” you’re thinking. Ahem. Hi there. We’re Making Marketing, and we’ve got you.

We provide our clients with a 360-degree, hands-on approach, taking profits to the next level and separating you from the pack. It’s an artistic endeavor to put the personality back in business, and we’re experts at it.  

Our team of marketing specialists are leaders in their fields and offer a wide range of skill sets to both small and large businesses. Are you a company of 10? Let’s meet up. Have 10,000+ employees? Let’s get together.

We’ll Get Your Product Seen

Here’s What We Can Do


We specialize in setting your brand apart from the rest with personalized brand strategies, design, and messaging.

Creative Copywriting

Masters of the written word, our expert copywriting team can deliver your message in a voice that speaks to your consumer across a wide array of platforms.

Graphic Design Services

Our expert designers have an eye for what sells and know how to catch the attention of your consumers.

Trade Show Planning & Management

From booth design to content planning, we’ll create a presence that attracts interest and leaves an on-going impression.

Search Engine Marketing

Tailored to meet your e-commerce goals, our SEO know-how and search engine advertisement strategies will engage your audience and boost overall ROI.

Social Media Marketing

We’ve got our hashtags down pat. Our pro team will help you establish a strong social standing through hands-on account management and consumer interactions.

Web Development

To convert customers, you need a flawless UX. Our web experts specialize in creating user-friendly websites that elevate a brand’s credibility.

Traditional Media Marketing

Our team has long-established connections with news TV, radio, and print publications. We’ll spread the word with an approach perfectly suited for your target audience.

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